22 March – 18 May 2024 – I can fit a fist in my mouth, curated by Seán Elder, Cubitt Artists, London, UK

I believe in you

Projection of I believe in you of figure in underwear and inflatable cushions on a rug
Installation detail

Shown at IMT Gallery in April.
Digital Video (shown as two channel at IMT), Installation including rug, sex wedge cushions, surface transducer speakers, visitor accessible dropbox folder on gallery computer, custom designed hand-out, free ‘Boys Own’ condoms and lubes (an endless supply) and refreshments. Custom designed hand-out by Neil Fergusson available here.

White inflatable sex wedge cushions on a cream rug
Installation detail
Perspex box on a white surface with sachets of condoms and lube
Installation detail
A glass door with surface transducer speakers attached to it
Installation detail
subdued tones, bottom third of frame is a persons back, then the rest is a wall and curtains