22 March – 18 May 2024 – I can fit a fist in my mouth, curated by Seán Elder, Cubitt Artists, London, UK

I believe in you

Seated man in a white apartment looks into a camera with a bike behind him and a plant to his right

digital video, 24:00
Based around a pilgrimage to see a Felix Gonzalez-Torres exhibition in Ireland, referencing some of his methodology and aesthetic to explore a post-net private and public. This is then interspersed with interviews from friends, lovers and peers, about their bodies and sexuality within technological mediation, and through dancing in nightclubs. You can watch this on vimeo here.

Camera looks up at a blurry figure
subdued tones, bottom third of frame is a persons back, then the rest is a wall and curtains
A night city view with a prominent green glowing Heineken logo
Pink and blue image of a man dancing leaning back with his hand on his heart