22 March – 18 May 2024 – I can fit a fist in my mouth, curated by Seán Elder, Cubitt Artists, London, UK

Installation image in industrain space with white washed brick walls. There is a blue, pink and purple lighting effect. In the back is wooden bleachers, with blocks of clay in the front, and various items on the floor.

Losing you, 2013, Wooden bleachers, clay, digitally printed mugs, Original Purple Vodka WKD, Vinyl banner, sports socks, assorted car air fresheners, digital video, tablet device, CD player, Mix CD from Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects, text created with Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects, digitally printed Tee Shirt, digitally printed Towel, made for LAN Party at Two Queens, Leicester, 12 July – 3 August 2013, with work from work from Vanilla Galleries, Bruce Asbestos and Eric Rosoman.

On a grey gallery floor against a white brick wall is a cheap black boombox with headphones plugged in surrounded by bottles of purple WKD alcopop.
On a grey gallery floor four slabs of grey clay are piled on top of each other to create a plinth on top of which sits two white mugs one printed with a rough line drawing of Lara Croft, and the other with a vhs screenshot of twinks around a table doing flower arranging.
On the underneath or a plywood bleacher structure are tapped a bundle of several car air fresheners, visible is a blue dolphin, a pink smiley face and a red pine tree.